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The Evidence is Clear: Republican Approach to State Budget Worked for All Minnesotans

"State budget surpluses, schools paid back, more people working, consumer confidence on the rise – our first reaction is to thank everyday Minnesotans for hanging in there during the recession and working hard to dig Minnesota out.

Our recovery may be modest by historical standards, and we still suffer from misguided federal economic and monetary policies, but Minnesota is in a stronger position than most states.

It also serves as a reminder that the dire predictions from Democrats about the past two-year Republican budget were wrong.

State budgets don’t unilaterally control our state economy, businesses and workers do, but what more evidence is needed to declare the Republican approach to budgeting in 2011 a complete success?"

Read the rest here:

Dayton Comments on Effect of Tax Proposals on Middle Class

One of Dayton's main 2010 gubernatorial campaign pledges was to raise taxes on the rich and only the rich.

Will Dayton and the DFL-controlled legislature keep their promise to only raise taxes on the rich? At a recent press conference, a reporter asked Dayton, "So middle class citizens could indirectly pay more because of the tax proposals?" Listen to the Governor's response:

2013 Taxpayers Freedom Rally - Saturday, April 27

The 2013 Taxpayers Freedom Rally is taking place Saturday, April 27 from 10:00 - 1:00 pm at the Minnesota State Capitol.

(From the official website,

"It’s time once again for the annual Taxpayers Rally (also known as the Tax Cut Rally for over a decade), Minnesota’s largest gathering of conservatives.

Thousands of people attend the rally each year to protest run-away government spending and demonstrate on other issues of the day.Twin Cities News Talk (AM 1130), The Taxpayers League of Minnesota and Minnesota Majority have partnered to make this year’s rally the best yet.

The theme this year is Freedom. Besides protesting high taxes, other issues will be addressed: Economic freedom, the freedom to keep and bear arms, the freedom to choose to join a union or not.

Twin Cities News Talk hosts Jack Tomczak and Ben Kruse from The Late Debate will emcee the event for the first time this year. Scheduled speakers include Grover Norquist, Rep. Michele Bachmann and America’s Mr. Right, Jason Lewis."

*This event is not officially sponsored or endorsed by the Nicollet County Republicans, but you may find it of interest.*

State Central Committee Recap

The Nicollet County Republicans were fully represented at last Saturday's State Central Committee meeting at the Radisson Blu Mall of America in Bloomington. Several of our alternates also attended in the event they were needed to fill an open seat for Nicollet County or the 1st Congressional District.

The main order of business was the election of state party officers. Former state representative Keith Downey was elected Chair, while Kelly Fenton was re-elected Deputy Chair and 2012 5th Congressional District candidate and USMC veteran Chris Fields was elected Secretary.

The meeting began around 9:00 am and ended at approximately 3:00 pm. The meeting was very well attended from across the state with nearly full voting strength and many alternates waiting for an opportunity to be seated. The Republican Party of Minnesota is alive and well and ready to win in 2014!

State Senate Judiciary Committee Approves S.F. 1082

On Thursday evening, March 21, the State Senate Judiciary Committee recommended to pass and re-referred S.F. 1082, the Judicial Retention Elections Amendment to the Committee on Rules and Administration. Unfortunately, this means Minnesotans are still in danger of losing their right to vote for judges.

Retention elections mean that judges are always appointed, never elected. Voters are only allowed to remove a seated judge from office. If a judge loses a retention election, his replacement is again appointed. Therefore, voters never elect their judges.

The 5-3 vote was straight down party lines with the three Republican Senators Julianne Ortmann, Warren Limmer, and Dan Hall voting to stop the amendment from moving forward and thereby upholding Minnesotans' right to vote for judges and the Minnesota Republican Party platform's position on judicial elections.

Sen. Kathy Sheran (D), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who represents Nicollet County and Mankato (click here for Senate District 19 map), voted to keep the bill alive. Please contact her and respectfully express your concern about her vote to take away your right to vote for judges! This is also Letter to the Editor worthy. See our Resources page for Letter to the Editor criteria specific to local papers.

There is some good news though. Republican Sen. Dave Thompson removed his name as a sponsor from this bill! Please call Dave at 651-296-5252 and thank him.

There are several Republicans who still need to be persuaded to remove their names as sponsors of either the House or Senate versions of the “Retention” Amendment:

Mike Beard 651-296-8872
Joe Schomacker 651-296-5505
Joe Hoppe 651-296-5066
Tim Kelly 651-296-8635
Tim Sanders 651-296-4226
Dave Senjem 651-296-3903
Julie Rosen 651-296-5713

It's urgent that you contact these Republican legislators and tell them to support the Republican Platform, which clearly shows the Republican Party's opposition to this Amendment.

Our RPM 2012 Platform states: "We support contested, not 'retention,' election of judges as provided by the Minnesota Constitution and oppose any proposals to eliminate or limit these elections."

Are Small Business Owners Under Attack by Our Local Representatives?

Opening paragraph: "A piece of legislation was passed on a party line HF 950. This bill is commonly known as the day care provider unionization bill."

Read the rest here:

UPDATE: 2013 CD1 Convention March 23

UPDATE: The 2013 CD1 Convention will take place on Saturday, March 23 at 10:00 am at the Morristown Community Center, 402 Division Street South in Morristown, MN. See embedded Google map below (may have to click Read More button)

Registration opens at 9 am and closes at 11 am. $30 Registration Fee ($25 Early Registration). $10 for guests.

Online registration and more details about the convention is now available on the CD1 Republicans website:

Rep. Cornish on Gun Control Legislation

State Representative Tony Cornish on gun control legislation:

Obama Admin. Buries Good News on Keystone Pipeline

"In Washington, a presidential Administration releases news it doesn’t like at 5 p.m. on Fridays. So it pays to pay attention when everyone is leaving work for the weekend." Read the rest at:

Renewable Energy Legislation-Can Minnesotans Afford It?

State Representative Mike Benson sheds light on the costs associated with renewable energy legislation. Two pieces of legislation are going through the legislature which ramp up renewable energy mandates in Minnesota - 40% by 2030 and 10% by solar alone. This will spike our energy costs, especially for greater Minnesota.


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